How NOT to Wear Boots: 5 Fashion Mistakes When Wearing Booties


It takes a fashion expert to really tell you how to fabulously wear boots but it takes anyone to tell how not to wear them. Generally it’s just a matter of wearing the right thing for the right occasion, the right fit for the right shape of feet, great color matches and keeping it simple as much as possible. So if you’re still clueless why people are staring at you when you’re wearing your favorite ankle boots read on below and see if one or all of these are the reasons why.

Here are some of the things you should avoid when wearing fashion ankle boots:

Wearing ankle boots with below the knee skirts

Sari skirts, maxi skirts, or anything that fall below your knees doesn’t look good on your booties. If you want to wear skirts with your boots try something that just fall above the knees. You can also just go with miniskirts or short shorts if you want, just don’t wear your long skirts over your ankle boots. The general rule is the taller the shaft of the boots, the shorter the skirts are.

Wearing flashy or overly accessorized boots

Boots with spikes, zippers, chains, furs or feathers are best worn during night parties but not when you’re at work or going to church service. Everyday get up calls for more laid back and classic styles of booties so stick with them. Save your flashy ankle boots for the holidays, night clubs, or costume parties.

Wearing Uggs or fur boots with formal outfits


Excessively fury boots looks heavy and will make you appear shorter. Uggs are only used when you’re walking the neighborhood but not when you’re going shopping or having dinner somewhere. Stick to suede boots or peep toe ankle boots to fit your casual or office wear.

Tucking wider leg jeans pants into ankle boots

This practice will not only disfigure the boots but will also make it heavier to walk with. Try wearing skinny jeans, leggings, or just straight jeans to make it easier to fit the boots. It’s always better safe than look stupid for wearing an oversized leg pants over a pretty boots.

Shopping malls are now packed with different designs of ankle boots and it’s always tempting to just wear it the way we want, without thinking about the basics of wearing boots. Just keep these things in mind so you can avoid any future fashion disaster and people will look at you in awe and not in disgust.

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